FREE Dog Sweater vest Pattern for Sentro knitting machine

Pet Sweater vest Pattern for Sentro knitting machine

Keep your furry friend warm and stylish this winter with this easy-to-follow DIY winter Dog Sweater Knitting Tutorial!
Whether you’re a knitting pro or a beginner, this step-by-step guide will help you create a cozy and adorable vest for your beloved pet.
This easy knitting tutorial for a handmade dog sweater is the perfect Pet Christmas gift, but it can easily be customized with other colors, and you can even make sleeves if you want a cozy dog clothing.

1. Why Choose Sentro knitting machine to create your pet sweater?

The Sentro Knitting Machine is a game-changer for those seeking efficiency without compromising on creativity. This innovative machine streamlines the knitting process, allowing you to focus on the artistry of your design. Plus, it’s perfect for both beginners and seasoned knitters, making it a versatile addition to any crafting arsenal.
This tutorial is for a Pet size Medium, if you want any other size Download the PDF pattern file.

Can you make a dog sweater with a knitting machine?

Both Sentro and Addi Express 46 knitting machine make the perfect tube size for Pets from size XS to M.
The making is fast and you can have a new warm Sleeveless Dog Vest in only 1 hr.

What is the best yarn to knit a dog sweater?

Acrylic yarn stands out for its machine-washable nature, water resistance, and exceptional durability, surpassing wool or cotton yarn in terms of chew and rip resistance. Moreover, acrylic yarn is budget-friendly, making it a popular choice for the production of handmade winter dog fashion.

2. Let’s Get Started: Crafting Your Small Dog Sweater

pet sweater vest knitting pattern
pet sweater vest knitting pattern

Dog Vest Sweater Pattern details:

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

Gauge: 14 sts / 20 rows = 4” (10 cm) in Stockinette stitch

Finished Size: about 7” (17 cm) width by 15” (35 cm) length

Suitable fit for most small dogs to medium size breeds.
Printable pattern comes in 3 SIZES
To fit most miniature, small, & medium breeds with:
6-14 in. (20 – 38 cm) back
12-20 in. (30 – 50 cm) chest

Material needed to knit a Pet Vest

– 3.5 mm crochet hook
– sentro 40 – 48 or addi Express 46
– tapesty needle
– knitting needles
– 100gr in Red and green Acrylic Worsted yarn –

Choose the best machine for your dog size

Check the table bellow for dog sizes and which circular knitting machine to use. Smaller knitting machines are good only for small pets (cats or dogs).
A smooth setup ensures a hassle-free knitting experience. Make sure to fix your knitting machine to a table or base.

Pieceback lengthChest size
XS dog sentro 40/ addi 4624 cm 9.5′35 – 40 cm 13.5′ – 15.5′
S dog sentro 48/ addi 4631 cm 12.5′40 – 45 cm 15.5′ – 17.5′
M dog Sentro 4838 cm 15′45 – 50 cm 17.5′ – 19.5′

Yarn Selection for circular knitting machines

Choose a yarn that is both comfortable for your furry friend and easy to work with. Here is a link for a tutorial and video of the best yarns to use with a circular knitting machine.
Consider color preferences and the season when making your selection.
For this pattern you can use both DK or worsted yarn.

3. Pet Sweater vest Pattern for Sentro knitting machine instructions:

Knitting the Tube of your Dog Jumper

Start from the bottom working 4 rows with waste yarn. Change to the color 1 of choice (red) and make 30 rows as in chart table for your dog size. (available in the PDF pattern)
Add the next color in needle 1 and for 2 rows work with 2 colors, weaving both yarns in and out of each needle to make the pattern, each needle will have a different color in it (refer to the video for better explanation) .
Remove color 1 and work only with color 2 for 20 rows.

Making the Pet sweater leg holes

Remove the yarn and work from needle 1 to 16 (14 – 12) without yarn to release them from the needles. Cast off this stitches with waste yarn. Return to the needle that has yarn attached to it, to work the other stitches going back and forth for 6 (4 – 4) rows to make the space for both legs (the skinnier the legs, less rows you need, but the min. is 4) After making this rows, cast on stitches at the end of the row the same way you did on the beginning, so you can work on tube mode again for the neck.

Making the neck part

For the neck, make 26 rows.
Once the main body is complete, carefully remove the sweater from the Sentro Knitting Machine.
Cast off the stitches using a tapestry needle and waste yarn and bind off using the Slip stitch method.

Seaming the Leg holes of the Dog Vest

Place markers counting the same number of stitches on the top and bottom of the big hole you have. I count 5 to each leg and left 6 to join in the middle, place markers so you know where to seam. The seaming stitch is on the last page. After seaming the middle you can finish each leg hole with single crochet or slip stitches. You can even make little sleeves in crochet to personalize your vest.

sentro knitting machine dog sweater

Finishing Touches – bottom ribbing

Place all the stitches from the bottom of the tube in a circular needle or in a double sided normal knitting needle and remove the waste yarn. Remove the next stitch from the needle and open it for 5 rows remaking it with a crochet hook on the opposite side, you will transform a knitting stitch to a purl stitch to make a 1 x 1 ribbing. Repeat around making this every 2nd stitch. Bind off the stitches using the circular needle or a hook if using any other type of needles.

sentro dog sweater
sentro dog sweater

Crafting a small dog sweater with the Sentro Knitting Machine is a delightful and rewarding experience.

Enjoy the process, and share the love by showcasing your creations on social media. Happy knitting!

Dog Sweater Pattern Download Link:

pet sweater vest knitting pattern

Dog Jumper video tutorial Sentro or addi knitting machine

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