Best yarns to work with ADDI/Sentro knitting machine

I just bought a Sentro Knitting machine 48 needles to make knitted crop tops for summer and I’ve been testing a lot of different types of yarn with it to really see what works or not with this super portable and fast machine.

Here is the image and link in case you are thinking to purchase one for yourself, I highly recommend it!

sentro knitting machine
Click on the image to purchase yours!

So the one that I decided to buy was the 48 needles, and the reason is because I could make bigger panels and even winter tops and sweaters.

The yarns that worked really well with this machine are the ones that say from 4mm to 6.5mm needles on the label. And the wool mixes worked even better because they are more soft then the acrylic ones. Lately I tried the Red Heart super saver and it was really hard to work with it, I had a hard time trying to fix tucked stitches because it was a bit too thick and the stitches were too tight around the hooks so the yarn wouldn’t go down to the bottom of the needle and because of that I was losing stitches.

I’m going to put the link here to the ones I tried and liked and then I’m going to review the ones that I didn’t like and for what reason.

You can also purchase your Yarn at Lion Brand website , the yarn linked bellow can also be used on your circular knitting machine! And if you buy it using one of the links you get a special discount and help me to create more patterns for you every week.

All of this yarns worked really well with the sentro machine, I think it’s the same for all the machines that are similar to this one, the velvet yarn it’s a little more difficult to work on the beginning but after you get in use to it and pay attention while the stitches are getting made it’s completely fine. The wool and acrylic winter yarns work really well to, you don’t even need to look at the machine while you are making it.

Mohair yarn works really easy as well, but be aware that your finished work will be see through, if you don’t mind that, on my Youtube Channel I have a top tutorial where I’m using a very fine Mohair yarn!

So the yarn that didn’t work for me are the too bulky yarns that have 7mm or 8mm needles on the tag, these are too thick for this machine and look too tight after made, it’s actually possible to use them but the result is not really good and you have to make it really slow, so you better make it manually. Also unfortunately the Red Heart super saver didn’t work really well, if you are careful and buy just the colors that are thinner and more soft you can probably use, so be aware of that. I have at home now 3 colors of it and only the white worked for me, it seems to be a bit more soft!

sentro bulky yarn
Trying to use bulky yarn with Sentro knitting machine

Other type of yarn that didn’t work well was 100% cotton, and that’s exactly the one I was looking forward to use for summer clothes. I didn’t have a problem working on the Sentro machine with this yarn, but the end result wasn’t really good because the gaps in between the stitches were too big, so no go for any 100% cotton, but the blends where fine, so anything acrylic and cotton with more than 8PLY should work as well.

All acrylic , wool, sintetic and velvet can be worked on this machines and you can make amazing pieces in only a few hrs. Check here my Patterns to see what I have made using the panel mode of the Sentro Machine!

Here in this video I talk about types of yarns that I tried with the Sentro Machine and also the ones that didn’t work!

Happy Knitting!

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