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Fingerless knitted glove Pattern

I recently made this Fingerless knitted glove Pattern for Valentine’s Day and it’s a simple tutorial that can be made in only 1 hr The yarn that I used can be purchased at Lion brand, use the links below!
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How to clean your circular knitting machine

Wondering how should you clean your circular knitting machine? Here is an article I found explaining exactly what to use to lubricate and clean your Sentro or Addi knitting machine.I was using a lithium grease, but I’ll give a ceramic grease a go, and the reason why is because the …
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FREE knitted scarf pattern with granny squares and panels

I recently made a scarf with my Sentro knitting machine and finished it off with 2 beautiful granny squares on both ends. If you know how to crochet or even if you are a beginner, in this tutorial I’ll guide you step by step on how to make the granny …
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Increasing and Decreasing Stitches in any circular knitting machine

I recently posted 2 videos for this 2 option we have to either increase or decrease stitches using the panel mode of any size circular knitting machine. You can use decreased stitches to make armholes on vests and sweaters, shorts, pants, dresses, etc. Increasing stitches gives you an option to …
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Knitted Balaclava pattern made with Sentro/Addi Machine

I was looking through Pinterest last week and I saw a few knitted Balaclava patterns and thought to myself, would it be possible to make a Balaclava pattern in a Sentro knitting machine? And the answer is YES… Here are the images that I used as INSPO to make mine, …
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Ribbed Shorts Sentro knitting pattern

I love going to Pinterest to find new knitting and crochet inspiration to make my own knitting patterns using a Sentro knitting machine (purchase in this link), recently I saw this knitted shorts and I was really excited to make a pattern using my machine just to actually see if …
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