FREE Knitting Snowman Christmas Decoration Pattern for circular knitting machine

As winter blankets the world in a glistening layer of snow, what better way to celebrate the season than by bringing a fluffy knitted snowman into your home?
In this step-by-step guide, we’ll explore how to create a charming knitted snowman using a circular knitting machine. This fun and festive project will not only add a touch of seasonal cheer to your space but also showcase the capabilities of your knitting machine. Let’s dive into the magical world of crafting with yarn and create a snowman that will be the envy of winter enthusiasts everywhere!

sentro knitting machine snowman

Snowman sentro knitting machine pattern:

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

Gauge: 15 sts / 20 rows = 4” (10 cm) in Stockinette stitch

Finished Size: about 3” (8 cm) width by 7” (18 cm) high

Material Needed to Knit a Snowman:

  1. Circular knitting machine of any size available
  2. Worsted or DK white yarn for the snowman body
  3. Small amounts of colored yarn for accessories (scarf, hat, etc.)
  4. Black yarn or beads for eyes
  5. Orange yarn for the carrot nose
  6. Polyester fiberfill for stuffing
  7. Yarn needle
  8. Fabric Glue
  9. Scissors

How to cast on to make each piece:

Using the panel mode of your circular knitting machine we will cast on the number of stitches available in the table bellow for each part of your Snowman.
There´s no need to use waste yarn because all pieces will be cinched at the end to give the snowman the right shape.
If you are using a Sentro or Addi 22 knitting machine you can make a tube for the body and the hat. All the other parts will be made the same way using the panel mode.

PieceBodyHatFeetScarfArmsGloves 2x

Knitted Snowman instructions

Making the body of the snowman

Start making the snowman body casting on 25 sts on your knitting machine. We will not use waste yarn to cast on or to cast off stitches in any of the pieces of this snowman.
Make 30 rows with white yarn and remove from the knitting machine using the end of the same yarn and a tapestry needle.

After making all pieces start cinching the bottom of the white piece, make a knot after cinch it and mattress stitch on the back of the panel using the same yarn tail. Add the stuffing in for the bottom, then add stuffing for the head separate so you can after make the head round. Cinch the top of the head and make a knot with both yarn tails, keep one of the tails to seam the hat later. With the other yarn tail, use the tapestry needle to weave the yarn to the neck, make a knot and weave around the neck to cinch and form the body shape. Make a knot after you are happy with the shape.

Making the hat and boots of the snowman

To make the hat, cast on 21 sts and make 18 rows with the black yarn, cast off using the black yarn and tapestry needles.

Next make the feet casting on 11 sts and making 18 rows, cast of using same yarn.

Cinch one of the sides of the hat piece and seam the back with mattress stitch. With the smaller cardboard piece ( 2.5′ diameter) place glue on top and then put inside the hat and glue it on top, add stuffing in it and place the 2nd cardboard piece inside with glue on the bottom of it. Cinch the other side and glue on the bottom of the last cardboard piece.

Cut the cardboard piece for the feet and add glue on both sides. Place it on the wrong part and on the bottom of the feet knitted piece and fold the knitted piece to cover the entire cardboard front and back. Chinch one side to the same shape of the cardboard, mattress stitch at the end and repeat the same to the other side. Use one of the tails to weave to the middle and wrap around it to shape the feet. Hide both tails. Attach the feet seaming and gluing it to the body.

Making the other pieces of the snowman

Make the scarf with 5 sts and 45 rows. Make 2 gloves with 6 sts and 8 rows.

Make the arms with 4 sts and 30 rows.

The arms are made of one long piece that will be seamed on the back of the body. Cinch the glove piece, seam the back and place the arm inside it before cinching the other side. Cinch the other side to fix it to the arm and repeat the same for the other end of the arms (you can use glue if needed). Add the arms on the back of the body and seam from one side to the other to attach it to the body.

Using the fur yarn, make a knot on the bottom of each side of the scarf and cut it. Make sure to hide all the tails of every piece before you finish it. Wrap the scarf around the neck and make a knot on the front of the snowman body.

snowman knitting machine pattern
snowman knitting machine pattern

Featuring the face and adding eyes and a carrot nose to your snowman

Glue both black beads to the head. With the orange yarn CH4, SC in each CH st., CH1 to turn and SC to every st. together with the back of the CH of the foundation to form a little tube making the carrot shape. Glue or seam the carrot to the face and your snowman is ready. You can add more features as you wish, and make bigger versions as well.

Note: This snowman can be made in any yarn at any gauge. 

This pattern is intended for your personal use only. You may not share it, copy it, sell it, give it away, or mass-produce the finished product. However, you may sell the finished items on a small scale, as long as you convey in your item description that you used a Creative Yarn by fabi pattern.

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