Ribbed Shorts Sentro knitting pattern

I love going to Pinterest to find new knitting and crochet inspiration to make my own knitting patterns using a Sentro knitting machine (purchase in this link), recently I saw this knitted shorts and I was really excited to make a pattern using my machine just to actually see if I would be able to make one 🙂

This are the images I used as inspo for this tutorial, and truthfully it came out as good as any of this ones!

The pattern consists of 4 panels stitched together and a ribbing on the top made with a circular needle. In the video I explain how to decrease stitches on the sides to make the waist smaller.

To make this shorts you will need the items listed below:

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The circular needles from 5 to 7mm and 32’inches long to fit all the stitches. Its good to have a few sizes crochet hooks, like 3 mm for finishing and 5mm to make crochet around the waist and legs. I used a yarn similar to red heart and my gauge is 4″ = 14st x 22 rows. You can use wool or velvet as well, I think a velvet one would look awesome, but consider making a sample first to see the gauge changes.

After making the ribbing with the circular needle I finished the waist with elastic under the SC row, if you never made crochet don’t worry I’m only using one stitch and it’s explained on the video as well.

I’m making all this videos because I’m curious about what can be done with the circular knitting machines, so I appreciate if you can leave me your comment and follow my Channel here!

My other patterns made with Sentro 48 needles are here!

In this video you will also learn how to join panels with a hidden stitching that looks perfect at the end!

Hope you Enjoy it!

Fabi Correa

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