Sentro Knitting Machine FREE Pattern for Ribbed Top

To make this FREE Pattern for Ribbed Top , I used the 48 needles Sentro Knitting machine, a circular needle size 6mm and a 4.5mm crochet hook, the yarn I used was the Jeans by Lion Brand.
It consists of 2 panels finished together using the circular needle to cast them off the Sentro or Addi knitting machine. The panels are then finished with a ribbing stitch using the circular needle and after crochet Chains to make both straps on the shoulders.

If you are looking to purchase your sentro machine, I recommend, it makes the work much faster and as a result you can make many more pieces everyday, if you sell in markets it’s a great advantage to be able to make faster and unique pieces.

I bought my Sentro machine here!

The Yarn that I used and it worked really well for this project was the Jeans yarn linked here (lion brand yarn with 50% discount), also I used a long circular needle as well 6mm and 30″ long, you need a long one because it will be easier to remove stitches from the Addi or Sentro knitting machine! I found out that using needles to cast off stitches of your panels is the easiest way!

Also I used 3 different sizes of crochet hooks, that’s always good to have, bigger ones to make the work and smaller ones for faster finishing of tails, etc…

The link for the full tutorial is here, I hope you enjoy it, let me know in the comments when you try it :)!

I have more patterns available here if you want to check them out!

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