Knitted Balaclava pattern made with Sentro/Addi Machine

I was looking through Pinterest last week and I saw a few knitted Balaclava patterns and thought to myself, would it be possible to make a Balaclava pattern in a Sentro knitting machine? And the answer is YES…

Here are the images that I used as INSPO to make mine, which I’m going to wear only in 6 months , because in Australia is summer now… I was sweating while making it, but I got so excited to try it that I had to…

The entire project for the knitted balaclava pattern took me around 1 hour to make, and I used the yarn linked below plus a set of different sizes of crochet hooks and a fur yarn to finish on the neck . The fur yarn gave it a nice finish and also made it much warmer for really cold winter days!

I normally use around 3 mm hooks to remove the yarn from the machine if needed and bigger hooks to crochet the fur yarn at the end just because this type of yarn is really bulky. If you don’t have the Sentro knitting machine yet, I highly recommend, just click on the image to purchase it from the affiliate website!

sentro knitting machine

I started using the tube mode, made around 40 rows, removed 18 stitches in one side to make the hole and put them back in to finish the knitted Balaclava Pattern. It’s all explained on the youtube tutorial you can follow.

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I really think you gonna enjoy this balaclava pattern, let me know on the Youtube comments if you do 🙂

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Have fun!

Fabi Correa

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