FREE Sentro knitting machine Sweater pattern!

I started working with the Sentro machine a few months ago during the winter in Australia, and decided to make my own sweaters at home. I love the idea of having sweaters that no one else has and a plus is that with Sentro machine you can knit a sweater in only one day!

I’ve made two Sentro machine sweaters this winter and I’m very happy with the results, they are made of panels for the body and tubes for the sleeves, which are the two options you can knit using this types of machines.

I used basic crochet stitches to finish this jumper, which I explain in this tutorial step by step so you can follow or just get the pattern linked below to make on your own pace!

The Sentro or Addi machine that work better for this type of project are the bigger one with 46 or 48 needles, you need all this needles to make clothing otherwise you will have to join many panels together to get the desired width.
This is an update, but I just realized that you can work a panel on the tube mode and that way work with 3 more stitches, that makes a difference when you are making a Medium size jumper, so in my tutorials you can probably make the panels with 46 stitches and get a bit wider panel in case you are making a M size.

Here is a link to purchase the Sentro Machine 48 needles to make this project!

The yarn that I used was this one, you need 400gr to a Medium size and it’s important to have a set of hooks to make crochet, the smaller hooks are good to finish the tails and the bigger ones to make any crochet details on the pieces!

I’ve tried almost every yarn I could find here in Australia and so I made a post and a video of the best and worst yarns you can use with the sentro machine, so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you can access all my tutorials, because this machine is awesome after you get in use to it.

So here is one of my patterns, and you can purchase the PDF file as well if you prefer!

Hope you enjoy it, Fabi!

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