Best I-cord Knitting Machines review

In 2021 when I bought my first Sentro knitting machine, I was really excited about how fast knitting machines work and decided to invest in an I cord maker, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on one of them so I purchased the cheapest one available.

So I decided to make this Best I-cord Knitting Machines review because I regret my choice of purchasing these cheap I-cord makers, I tried every yarn available in my stash, from cotton to DK and worsted yarn and could only make a few rows before all stitches were messed up, it was so frustrating, and even though it wasn’t a lot of money, they cost around 20 Usd each, it was a completely waste.

That’s why I´m writing this Knitting mill review for you so you don’t make the same mistake!

knitting machine mill review

Brief history of I cord knitting machines

What is an Icord machine?

An I-cord knitting machine is a tool to make long French knitting tubes using only 4 or 6 needles, these knitted tubes are seamless and you can use them for a variety of projects from jewellery to home decor, I’m going to be sharing some here in the future, so make sure you subscribe to the newsletter if you’re interested in these types of tutorials.
It’s also called a tricotin or mill machine.

How many stitches are in an I-cord?

I-cord makers have either 4 or 6 needles but you can find Looms with more needles if you want to make bigger tubes.

Is I-Cord the same as French knitting?

For centuries, the art of French knitting, also known as spool knitting or i-cord knitting, has endured. In this traditional technique, knitters employ a handheld ‘dolly’ or spool featuring four pins around its edge. The result is a slender knitted tube commonly referred to as an i-cord.

Who invented the I-cord?

The I-cord, or idiot cord, is a simple knitting technique Elizabeth Zimmermann (inventor of the term I-Cord, as well as dozens of variations) and her daughter, Meg Swansen, have utilized I-Cord in uncounted practical, innovative, and delightful ways. It has been a traditional knitting method for many years, and its origins are not precisely documented. The term “idiot cord” is believed to have originated from its simplicity, making it an easy and accessible technique for knitters.

Best I-cord machines review

Tulip I-cord knitting machine

It’s a high-quality knitting tricotin mill as well, with 4 needles only, it’s best for signs and clothing straps or bows to decorate your knitted garments. It doesn’t have anything to clamp or attach to a table so you need to hold it with your hands while using it, which is tricky because, at the same time, you need to control the tension of the yarn with your fingers. It works fine with DK or worsted yarn, but lighter yarns produce an uneven I cord.

Prym I cord knitting machine

It’s a sturdy knitting mill, and it has a weight piece attached to the bottom of the tricotin machine that you can pop off and remove to use and pull the knitted tube while you are using it. This one has 4 needles, so it’s perfect for the signs made with wire.
The best feature of this I cord machine is that you can screw the bottom open and attach it to any table to knit, that way your hands are free to work the tension of the yarn.
It’s best for yarns from lightweight to DK as it says in the manual, but I tried using worsted yarn and it worked perfectly fine.
You can crank it fast without dropping stitches and the tricotin it makes is perfect.

Addi Egg knitting machine

In these Best I-cord Knitting Machines review I couldn’t leave The Addi Egg out, different from the other I-cord makers, it has 6 needles, so it will make a wider French knitted tube.

So if what you are after is an I-cord for signs this is not the best option, the tube has to be smaller to perfectly fit the wire.
When I first bought my Addi Egg a few months ago, I found it a little hard to work the tension and hold the mill machine at the same time, even though is a well-built German Knitting mill it’s not as strong as the Prym knitting tricotin mill.
The Addi Egg makes better tubes for garment finishing and Home Decor.

Addi egg review

How to use your Addi Egg to make an I-cord


Each one of them has a specific use, so you need to know what type of craft you are planning to use your French knitting tricotin mill for. If it’s for wire signs I would definitely recommend the Prym knitting Mill first, only because it’s easier to work with because you can attach it to a table and the price is very similar to the Tulip brand.

I would recommend the Addi Egg, if like me you want to make Jumbo yarn with a DK yarn, then this is your choice of knitting mill. Here is a project I did with Addi Egg knitted yarn.

Watch the video to make this bag here:

Even though I used my Sentro knitting machine to make yarn for this project, you could easily make yarn on your Addi Egg as well!

Knitting machine reviews article!

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